Ivy London: Our Miracle Baby

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We had great news this week: Ivy’s allergist called to let us know her bloodwork came back with zero detection of a peanut allergy.

For those that haven’t been following along with us over the years, Ivy was diagnosed with both peanut and egg allergies a the age of 7 months. I remember how scared I was when she reacted after sampling these – they happened all in the same week – days apart! I also remember how devastated I was for her, upon getting that confirmation of her allergy via bloodwork.

As I was thinking of how hard this will make normal day-to-day life for her, I felt God telling me that this wasn’t the last word. I felt Him saying that He always has the last word and to focus on Him, not the diagnosis, reminding me that I could trust Him.

He brought to memory, the fact I almost lost Ivy at 7 weeks pregnant, but that I trusted Him and she came into the world, healthy and perfect! That is, until at 4 months, the doctor detected a heart murmur, which turned out to be a hole in her heart. Talk about a scary few weeks of trusting God and praying and believing for Him to intervene. Fast forward to a few weeks later, when received an incredible report. Due to the location of the hole, it would naturally close on its own! Praise God – to Him be all the glory.

Now, this week, after a long journey, lots of prayer, and some immunotherapy, we receive the good report that Ivy’s allergy is no longer detectable! Almost exactly 3 years to her diagnosis of a peanut allergy. Our little food-loving, ray of sunshine, is now totally healed! Thanks be to God.

Today, I want to encourage you, no matter what you’re facing, you can to turn your worries into prayers. God is good and wants to care for you. He can work His power thru doctors, medicine or He can just do it. He will meet us where our faith is perform what only He can do! I can testify in more ways than one: He still heals!

I pray our good news and story will give hope to others today! No matter what you face; God is able! Please feel free to share and or a friend that might need some encouragement today! Xx

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