La bella vita was inspired by my love for fashion, travel and all things beautiful. The translation encompasses exactly how I feel about life in general. I created this blog as a fun outlet, allowing me to channel my passion for writing and sharing, with the hope of also being a source of inspiration on how to see or bring beauty into your own world.

My life-long interest in fashion, marketing and people, lead me to studying and earning degrees in fashion arts and communication studies. Over the years, I have been blessed to take part in various projects through both fields. These experiences have not only helped shape me, but also lead me to where I am today and I couldn’t be more happy!

In 2013 I married my soulmate and traded big city life for a quieter setting on the east coast. Since then, I launched my company, Requisite Consulting, and my husband and I acquired a restaurant and began to grow our family with our sweet dog, Sadie Mae. Life has been nothing short of exciting, but it’s our most recent adventure that has been the biggest blessing of all. On September 6th, 2017, Andrew and I became parents to our sweet daughter, Isabella (aka Elle) Rose. And in an instant, our lives became more beautiful in ways I never knew possible!

During my pregnancy, I relished in finding everyday inspiration from other like-minded, mom bloggers. My wish is to offer the same enjoyment to others. Whether you are a new follower or have known me forever, I hope you find pleasure and inspiration in my stories, from travel to fashion, home décor and beauty (and everything in-between). Thank you so much for reading!