Easy Outfits:

Jumpsuits for the win!

Jumpsuit: JCrew | Shoes: Michael Kors (old) Similar MK in here on sale! Also, these are close and so are these (on sale!) | Purse: Gucci Padlock | Blazer: I got mine at Robert Simmonds, last year – they still carry same blazer in different colours, but you can get this exact one here and on sale!

As a mom, there is nothing I like more than an easy outfit. I mean, I appreciated easy outifts before becoming a mom, of course, but now it’s a necessity! Today, I’m talking jumpsuits. They are the perfect addition to your spring/summer wardrobe. Throw it on and you’re ready to go! From casual denim styles to chic silky versions; this wardrobe staple is as comfortable as it is stylish.

You can find a jumpsuit that will work for litterally any occasion (weddings, the office or even just running errands around the town). I will include some links to some of my favourites as examples for these occasions, but for now, let’s talk about this one I’m wearing.

It’s from Jcrew and it’s super comfy. When I first tried it on, I felt like I was a bit lost in it, due to the wide legs, but the vertical stripes create an illusion, elongating the body, which really helps. Plus, as you probably know by now, I LOVE me some stripes.

The colour works with my complexion, as a blonde, but would look equally good on redheads and brunettes! I purchased this for vacation, but I would wear it for a night out or to a spring/summer reception. It’s nautical vibes totally look perfect for a day of boating as well.

As much as I would love being able to wear  this with flats, I really need to wear heals or wedges. I’m not tall enough to pull it off otherwise. The silhouette would be very over-powering on me. So this outfit will be reserved for date nights, when I don’t have to worry about carrying baby Elle around – haha. If you’re tall, you could totally wear this with flat sandals or even sneakers (like all white Chuck Taylor’s Converse) for a more casual look.

I paired this with a blazer, which is great for spring or cool summer nights. This blazer is by Canadian brand, Smythe. I LOVE their stuff. (fun fact: this blazer was actually named after Kate Middleton. She wore it in the green version while she did her Canadian tour!) I do like that the blazer gives the look a more structured feel for me. It also helps tone down the drama of the all-over stripes, if patterns aren’t your thing. You could create a more casual look by pairing with a denim jacket.

I chose cognac shoes with a block-ish heal, as I feel with a wide leg, you need something semi-chunky to balance it out. The cognac works well with these colour scheme, while also aiding in elongating the leg. Again, something important for a petit person, trying to pull of this silhouette.

The original vacation I purchased this piece for had gotten cancelled due to a family emergency. Now that things have settled down, we are finally able to take that vacation and do we ever need it! I plan to definitely be pack this easy to wear jumpsuit along with a few others! Thanks for reading. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!