The Best Anti-Aging Product I’ve Ever Tried

A few months ago I was introduced to a liquid collagen by a brand called, Modere. The person that shared it with me is super knowledgeable on everything holistic and she really believed in this, so I trusted her and gave it a try. That said, I am so happy I did. Initially I took it as a supplement to help with anit-aging with the added bonus of possibly assisting with the healing after having major surgery (apparently there are some surgeons in the US that send their patients home with a bottle of this after surgery!).

That said, within just three weeks I began to see a pretty amazing difference in my skin. My skin tone looked more even and smooth, but also my energy seems to have increased, which wasn’t something I was expecting, but was super happy about.

Fast forward to 3 months of consistently using (one tabelspoon twice a day – morning and evening), I am delighted to share that I am seeing even more dramatic results. I have noticed my skin looks plumper. Also, my hair appears to becoming thicker and growing! My hair stylist even commented on it’s growth.

Anyone that knows me, knows I had been trying to grow my hair long for many, many years. However, it just seems I couldn’t get it past a certain length. Well, it’s exceeded that for the first time in a long time!

Modere has an array of products. I have tried a few thus far and have been very impressed with each one! The Biocell Life is the liquid collagen I have been using. It is a multi-patented supernutraceutical that combines the award-winning benefits of Liquid BioCell collagen with 13 phytonutrient-rich superfoods and resveratrol to improve joints, skin and the aging process.

Its award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology is clinically shown to improve joint mobility, reduce discomfort, and promote healthy cartilage and connective tissue. And it gets better. Liquid BioCell reduces wrinkles from the inside out and even goes an important step further — it helps reduce the enzyme that can make your skin age.

Yes, it is helping with all this. I never really had any major joint issues, so I can’t totally attest to improvements there. However, the friend that introduced this to me has had chronic joint issues for many years, which is why she initially got onto this and she has seen drastic improvement.

They have another product system called, Lean Body System. It consists of 3 products that claim to reduce fat mass, boost thermogenesis and improve body composition. So, basically help build more muscle while burning fat. We know that muscle burns fat so we want more of that for sure! I have seen testimonials and they are incredible, so I am excited to try this and hopefully see if it will assist me with my goals of losing around 5 lingering postpartum pounds. I will keep you posted!

That said, the liquid collagen is amazing. It’s seriously the best anti-aging product I have tried yet (and I have tried a lot!!). If you’re looking for a healthy and natural way to reverse the signs of aging, you need to try this! One bottle lasts 2 weeks, so you will need at least 2 bottles for your first month. Apparently, after several months of use, once you get your collagen stores up, you can reduce how often you take it.

Please drop a comment below if you have any questions. I am sharing my referral code to save you 10% off your purchase. It is 3200175.

Thanks for reading and have wonderful day!

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