My Tried & True Make-up Staples

Today is the LAST day for VIB Rouge members to get 20% off their orders! Over the past week I’ve been sharing some of my favourite tried and true beauty products. Today, I want to share some of my everyday make-up staples and some blush & eye pallets for spring.

Let’s start with the foundation my make-up. A primer is a must. Lately I have been using the Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer, which I liked, but felt the texture is little thick for my skin. It comes in two sizes and I went with the smaller one to check it out and still have lots left and have been using it since summer. That said, I just ordered the Liquid Silk Featherweight Primer by Tatcha. I will let you know what I think. I love Tatcha products, so I am pretty confident I will like it, but if not, I will go back to the Hourglass Mineral Primer. It’s a really good one!


I started using  Sheer Glow Foundation last year when I was pregnant with Ivy. My go-to had been IT Cosmentics CC cream, which I LOVE, however there formula contains some unsafe ingredients for pregnant and nursing moms So when I found out I was pregnant I switched to Tarte Sea Water Foundation. I really  liked it, but while on vacation I dropped it and the entire bottle shattered (don’t you hate when that happens!).

Thus, I went on the hunt for more, but there was no Sephora in sight (imagine! JK). I did however, find a beauty boutique, but they didn’t carry Tarte.  So, after literally trying 10 different (very expensive) foundations, this one ticked all the boxes and I am very, very happy with it, price pointed all. It is the middle of the road for price, not the least expensive for sure, but definitely not the most expensive. I love how it gives me full coverage, while still remaining sheer enough to look natural and allow me to see my freckles and luminous skin. Leaves a dewy, instead of a matte look, which is what I like and just a better representation of my natural skin.

I have used it almost every day, with the exception of quarantine and I am just running out. My niece has used it when she stays at my house, which was basically once or twice week during the school year. So I think that says alot about how long it lasts, considering I purchased it in the Hamptons last July. I just ordered a new bottle during the Sephora Spring Savings Event so I could get 20% off (which I will remind you again, ends today!!)

Next up is a blurring powder by Laura Mercier. I love this to set my concealer and I have also had this for almost a year and still have lots and lots left! It really blurs the concealer and brightens up the underage, which I need, as I have very translucent skin and my dark circles really show up.


For my highlighting, I have been using this Huda Cream & Powder kit for over a year now! I have the Pink Sands palette and I love it! I have tried several highlighters, but this one I will likely use until it’s completely gone and re-order. I also love that it tells you where to place each highlighter, but you don’t have to use them all. I don’t, unless I’m going out. I typically use the peachy blush colour on apples of my cheek and the white highlighter on my cheek bone and nose and cupid’s bow for every day.


For my brows, I have bounced around and although I really like the Dior Brow Styler, but, they would sometimes be out of my colour. So, I have always come back to this Anastasia Brow Definer. I have jumped between this one and the Anastasia Brow Wiz (which is a more narrow pencil), but I think this one works better for me. They are both slightly less expensive and get the job done well.


For my Eye liner, I have been using this Kat Von D for years. It’s hands down the BEST liquid liner I have ever used, for various reasons. First it does’t dry up quickly. I have tried NARS and MAC along with others, but this one just lasts so long in my make-up bag while others have dried out only after a month. I also find it very easy to apply, which says a lot about a liquid liner, especially since I have a condition called essential tremors (not the most steady hand), but I have no issues applying this liner! It also doesn’t look harsh like other liquid liners, but goes on soft and can be as thin or thick as you make it.


Lastly, this gloss has become a staple. It’s by Anastasia and the colour is Venus. I like to wear it in the middle of my lips or alone. I also like White Russian by Buxom for everyday wear.


For blush I tend to stick to the peachy families, as they work best with my complexion. I like this one by Patrick Ta. It’s called Radian Finish. It’s a nice peachy glow for all year round, but for spring and summer, I always go back to this Benefit one called GALafornia. It comes in two sizes, so you can always try the smaller one to see if you like. Although, TBH, Sephora is always really great at accepting returns if you try something and it doesn’t work out.

For shadows, I have been loving this Nude palette by Huda. I use the light nude palette. However, this Marc Jacobs in the white case, called Fantascene, has been a staple all year round, especially in the spring summer months. Also, this Kaja palette in the matte Chocolate Dahlia has been a great everyday palette! great price point and love how they are stacked. Takes up little space in my mak-up bag!


Although I have yet to find a concealer I use religiously (I bounce around alot on the hunt for “the one” so please feel free to share recommendations in the comments) I LOVE this concealer brush!


I have tried brushes to apply my foundation, but always go back to my Beautyblender pro. I just love the way it blends.

This setting spray by Mario Badescu is also a staple. I set my make up with this and then apply my mascara. My new fave brand of mascara is this one by Milk. I am very fussy with macara, but this just goes on very nice and give my lashes volume and length. I have also used this one by Tarte for many years as well!


Well, there you have it. All my tried and true beauty staples. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line in the comments below and I will be sure to get back to you. Thanks for reading and happy shopping!





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