Nonverbal Communication : colour & mood

Colours impact our mood! So it might make sense to consider this when getting dressed, whether we are trying to make an impression or just want to feel good, colour can support us and our desired nonverbal messaging. Today, I am specifically talking about bright colours, as they are a tricky one for me!

I had no problem wearing bright colours when I was younger, but somewhere in my mid-twenties, I became a neutral lover! We all have colours that look great on us and we all have style personalities! Sometimes these two clash!

For me, I love a neutral palette because if fits more with my style personality! I love its ability to create polished refined looks, that are classic and elegant. I also love investing in good quality wardrobe pieces and neutrals are simply more timeless, so naturally, better bang for your buck!

That said, as a trained image consultant, I know the “right” bright colours flatter me skin tone & colouring. I also do love the idea that they can help improve our energy! So if you’re like me and prefer to play it safe with subtle refined neutrals, but want to try some colour – I encourage you to add small colour pops for a change! Try a pair of shoes or a necklace; some bright Lipstick or even nail polish! Just little pops can make all the difference and also add some excitement and energy to your outfit and mood!

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